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Since 2020

ENTC Grows and Progresses with users


2020 Q2

  • Create initial business model

  • Attract global funding

2020 Q3
  • Issue beta-tokens

  • Test token swaps

  • Press release

2021 Q1
  • Create ecosystem for the main token, ENTERBUTTON(ENTC)

  • Business market research

2021 Q3
  • July 5th: start officially issuing the main token

  • September 24th: exchange platform listed and officiated

2021 Q4
  • October 30th: exchange platform listed and officiated

  • December 10th: offline store ENTERBUTTON SEOUL is launched

2022 Q1
  • PAYBUTTON Official Application Released

  • Rebuilding ENTC website

  • Rebuilding ENTC White Paper

  • Released ENTC Legendary Record Collection NFT

  • Held the World Investing AMA

  • Official release of ENTC NFT Collection Baek A Yeon “Remember, Me”, Kim Tae Woo from god, Kim Hyung Jun from SS501

  • ENTC Token Code Audit

2022 Q2
  • Released ENTC NFT Collection BZ-BOYS “Remember, Me”, Jung Sang-su, DREAMCATCHER, Kim Mingue

  • Released ENTC NFT Collection D.Ark “Voice of the Star”

  • ENTC token exchange transaction support (LBank, ZBG, MEXC)

  • Signed partnership with Sing Again 2 TOP6 Team Music NFT or

  • Sing Again 2 TOP Team Music NFT Partnership Signed

  • ENTC token payment service affiliation (Bahn & Bann Academy, Jung Sungchan, Coffeehyogua)

  • Xangle Crypto evaluation

  • Hosted ENTC x Mindspace NFT Exhibition for rising artists

2022 Q3
  • ENTC 88 Air-drop Event

  • Hosted ENTC Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul Pool Party for celebrities & users

  • Released ENTC virtual human NFT for SS501 Kim Hyung Jun & Baek A Yeon

  • Signed NFT content supply contract (Meta Study)

2022 Q4
  • Expansion of NFT Partnership

  • Publication of ENTERBUTTON MEGAVISION Detail Roadmap

2023 Q1
  • Official launch of ENTC NFT Marketplace ‘ENTERMARKET’

  • PAYBUTTON update re-release and ENTERMARKET linkage

  • NFT exhibition held by established & rising artists

2023 Q2
  • Expansion of ENTC Token payment affiliates

  • ENTC Virtual NFT human 3D Modeling

  • Publication of own OTT content

2023 Q3
  • ENTC Virtual NFT human service launch

  • Hosted an ENTC NFT Artist collaboration concert

  • ENTERBUTTON BUSAN NFT auction house opening

2020 Q2

  • 초기 BM 구축

  • 글로벌 투자 유치

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